Audience Engagement

Engage your visitors with Timely and Relevant Content

Magnet provides online publishers and digital content providers with the following features to help them engage their users on their website and mobile App better:

  • Topically Related Articles
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Automatically Generated Summary
  • Highlight Named-Entities
  • Follow a Specific Topic
  • Follow a Developing Story
  • Meta Tags/Description
  • Entity Listing
  • Entity Pages
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Contextual Analytics to empower your personalization team

In addition to performance statistics of various Magnet widgets, our intuitive Analytics dashboard provides semantically-driven reports. These reports allow in-depth analysis of your users interests, topics consumed vs. published, popular news categories, trending topics, etc. Interested? Book a demo with our sales team now!

Integrating Magnet

Integrate Magnet using our fully Customizable Widgets

Our client dashboard offers an easy-to-use Widget Designer that allows you to create and brand all Magnet widgets the way you want.

Integrate Magnet programatically using our API

Register with us to obtain an API Key, full documentation and sample code. Get it now!